Specialist Wood Turnings

Wood Turnings of all types

From Wood turned columns 5.5 meter long columns, huge diameter table tops, Specialist hand turned solid oak globe bases to precise CNC turned minute dolls house furniture knobs, to elegant mahogany gear knobs, and replicated Harry Potter wands, we can wood turn everything in between. Our job variety is always growing. Bespoke wood turners / Specialist wood turners / Custom wood turners / CNC wood turners

Our core business

Production Bespoke wood turnings has been our main business for over 30 years. We have supplied furniture makers, architects, kitchen installers, interior designers, artists and sculptors with a wide range of Custom wood turned products.

In our workshop, we have extensive capabilities, CNC lathes, copy lathes, hand lathes, and the ability to make jigs, extensions and adaptors which means we can take on the most challenging projects.

We have turned clock faces for church towers and ebony knobs for dolls house furniture and all sizes in between.

Our custom designed CNC software allows us to machine as wide a variety of twists, flutes and beaded turnings.

Ask us about our prices, we are understanding to the current economy, and want to support new ventures and business ideas.

Our emphasis is always on quality. Customer satisfaction is very important to us as a team.

Call us for a free quote at +44 1603 125 159 and ask for John

Bespoke woodturners / Specialist woodturners / Custom woodturners / CNC woodturners