Custom and Specialist wooturning: Column Prices

Indicative Pricing for Specialist woodturning columns

To help give an indication of what columns may cost you, we have listed a few examples of columns we have provided for clients over the last few years. For any Bespoke Woodturning columns enquiries, please contact us, we can price and turn to your specific requirements, simply send us a drawing, sketch, CAD or even just a photo and we will be pleased to price for you. We are happy to lend any guidance with your project; whether your columns may be for indoor our outdoor use - we can recommend the best timber, whether you want it to have a hollow centre to allow for a metal supporting post - we can suggest the best way to construct, or if you want to match an existing column, every project is different and we can help achieve what you require. Please contact us for your Specialist woodturning needs.

Architectural Columns with Entasis

Qty: 3no Columns - 2.2 meters long, 290 mm diameter, constructed from Tulip Wood

£480.00 each ex VAT

Supply your own timber

We sometime have customer supply their own timber.

Qty 10no - Green oak columns (supplied) Column sizes 1.9m long x 260mm dia with 75mm bore hole.

£320 each ex VAT

Fluted Columns

Qty - 2no Solid Iroko columns 255mm diameter tapering to 220mm diameter with Entasis, fluted and with Capitals (supplied seperate from to main column) £820 each ex VAT